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“Let discernment be your trustee, and mistakes your teacher.” ~T.F. Hodge

I've been asked quite a bit lately how to discern between the voice of the Higher Self (soul/spirit) and the Lower Self (constructed personality). I'll begin by noting that it is the Lower Self that is asking "should I change jobs?", "is this the right house?", "should I invest in this program?"…. The Lower Self is a construct that, until realigned with the Higher Self, is heavily influenced by a great deal of external input, especially inherited self-limiting beliefs and fears.

"What if I make the wrong choice?" is perhaps the most common fear that lies at the foundation of all the other questions. The Higher Self would tell you that there are no inherently "wrong" decisions. There is only experience. While a particular choice may lead you away from greater alignment with your Higher Self, you will eventually find your way home..

So it's important to take the pressure off. You can't get it "wrong". The level of fulfillment (or emptiness) you feel in this now moment will tell you how warm or cold you are in relation to living in alignment with your Greater Self.

As you contemplate a decision, you must leave the constructed personality behind and descend into the heart, the greatest truth teller. As you leave behind the noise in your head, what does your heart say?

The answer will come swiftly and simply. It doesn't beat around the bush. It is then the personality that will talk you in circles, perhaps in an effort to derail the clarity you just received.

If your answer excites you and makes you a little bit nervous, then you know you're not only following the inner guidance of the Higher Self, you're also pushing up against a distortional barrier in your energetic/emotional field.

A wise teacher in the 5th Dimension once advised me, "Follow your highest excitement". I have taken his advice to heart and have found that slaying the dragon of distortion (you can't, you shouldn't) comes easier with practice. Once across the threshold of what the Constructed Self warned "beware", "go back" the rewards are great. It is unequivocally worth the effort to walk through your fear.

So, get quiet. Ground yourself. Clear your chakras. Breathe deeply. Move into your heart space and ask your question. The answer will come. Commit to your decision in that moment and then don't waste any of your time or energy in over-analyzing it. Take swift action, in the spirit of trust that your Higher Self will not lead you astray.

Finally, only YOU can make decisions for yourself. Don't give your power away by asking people who haven't yet aligned with their Greater Self for advice. You may be waiting for a partner to make their own decision, based in their own inner guidance, but be sure you have your own clarity first.

Can't seem to get the clarity you're after? Book a session with Adrienne to hear directly from your Higher Self and wise teachers in the Higher Realms here.

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