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Fear Is Going Out of Fashion

"Your fear is showing you where you still hold an illusion of separation; where your perception still holds distortion related to self-worth and personal power. See it as a gift and then release it". -Jeshua

As the human collective moves into an accelerated phase of spiritual awakening, we can expect turmoil, chaos, and crisis. Why? Because we're in an era of major deconstruction.

Think about it. When a home is undergoing a remodel, there is always first a demolition. Deconstruction of what was to make room for the new. I invite you to approach your own experience and that of our entire collective in this way during these times.

Let's keep going with this metaphor.

Before your remodel, you spent time envisioning the new. The act of designing and imagining your new home brought you much joy and excitement. You put a great deal of thought into your project. Now, imagine as the demolition commences, you begin to panic with great fear. "What if they break something? What if it doesn't turn out the way I hoped? What if this costs a lot more than I had budgeted? What if they quit in the middle of the project?".

Fears like this are very revealing, showing us where you lack trust in everything turning out well for you. Being fearful is a conditioned state of being. A habit. A powerful set of neural pathways. But, to quote Belinda Womack, "fear is going out of fashion".

"This time is about healing, about bringing the past humanity has buried in the collective subconscious up so it can be transformed", she says. While the world may seem to be spinning out of control, it's up to you on how you are going to interpret, or narrate, these events.

You see, we're not off the hook. This isn't happening "out there". We all have an effect on each other with the thoughts and feelings we hold. We are constantly broadcasting our state of being. Our consciousness is a powerful creation tool. And, as I've written before, there is an agenda by some to keep people in a state of fear that, if you're not mindful, will affect you, too.

Unfettered fear is irresponsible. It's the energetic equivalent of yelling "fire" in a crowded building. Change your relationship to fear and see it for what it is - distortion. Be grateful when it shows up, as it is revealing useful information for your personal healing and evolution.

Here are a few excerpts from some of the messages I've channeled during the last year about these times and how you can choose to be:

"As the planet goes through a major ascension process that many hoped, wished and prayed for, the reality is that it comes with the great destruction, or the great chaos. If the people are not ready for this, it can be terribly damaging to their psyche... this will be seen and felt as a major rift and there will be a lot of fear, for when one's identity, especially at the collective level, begins to dismantle, there is a tendency, because of the fear programming on the planet, to panic.

Play the grounded, anchoring-wise counselor role within each of your spheres of influence. This is going to be greatly needed. Many people are going to need a lot of reassurance that what is happening is not an inherently negative thing. When systems come apart, it does feel like chaos. You are here to hold the vision for the new that is emergent. This is your singular, most important role that you could play.

The human psyche is incredibly prone to fall in back into lower emotional frequencies that disrupt this co-creative protocol or process. Your singular focus, your use of your incredible co-creative abilities to manifest in the etheric world first and then bring the systems to the planet is going to be of vital importance." -Ambassador Mica

"Purification is, in essence, a distillation. There are many fractalized energies at play on the earth plane today. The net result of their impact is a prevention of sorts, a limitation or barrier for most people, meaning they cannot access higher states of consciousness because they are quite literally energetically enshrouded by impure thoughts and limited beliefs.

Impure simply means that these energies are thoughts and beliefs do not represent the divine distilled, they represent the divine distorted. And so, as you hone your own individual purification practices, understand that you have already reached the point where you can offer assistance to others very effectively". -The Lotus Keeper (Arcturian Master Healer)

"You are here in order to help the human collective and the planet itself cut through all of the distortion and confusion that reigns in this dimension of duality. You are now invited by We, the Lyrans, to begin to operate beyond your physical form, meaning that you expand your field. As you do this, you signal to your Higher Selves, your multi-dimensional selves that you are now available for their consciousness to reach you and emanate through you again in service to the ALL. You are literally blazing a trail, creating space, clearing the energetic grids on the planet and within the individual human's energetic field.

You are clearing the confusion and distortion and re-instating an expansive multi-dimensional awareness and functionality. You are a part of a very large team that is restoring connection and expansion and multidimensionality on the planet today. So please, our invitation is to continue to shift out of your contracted identity until that expansive version of you becomes your new identity and you do not forget who you are." -Essena of The Lyran Collective

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