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“We have conquered outer space, but not inner space.”

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Last week, I pulled the Phoenix card several times from one of my tarot decks. It wasn’t until I began to contemplate the upcoming Lunar New Year that I began to fully understand what was being communicated.

This is the year of the rooster or, according to my Taoist Astrology book, the Purple Fire Phoenix. It is also the Year of One in numerology: 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1 (new beginning). The rooster issues the wake up call and the phoenix rises in rebirth.

“Purple Phoenix is temperamental, dramatic, and easily excitable. ..In business, he/she desires success, fame, wealth, and status in society. ..He/she has exacting standards and high expectations. When disappointed, he/she can be critical, nagging, and jealous… He/she must learn to transcend these negative emotions through relating kindly and lovingly to others. He/she must release the urge to control and find fault with trivial matters. Purple Phoenix gains by studying metaphysics and developing spiritual values”.

Doesn’t that sound like the mercurial maneuverings of a current political figure? “The year of the Phoenix is a time of practical endeavors, conscientiousness, hard work, and discipline. Politically, conservative police states gain power, and law and order are championed.” (Levitt)

According to many of the channeled sessions I’ve done recently, we are in a great shift of the ages. We are waking up from a deep slumber. Many more people this year will move into an accelerated reconnection with the divine self. Sounds wonderful, right?! Not so fast.

All of the illusions of separation, lower emotions, and contracted states of identity must first be acknowledged and reintegrated or cleared as part of this shift. The human collective is well into this transition. So, for many, this is going to feel like an age of chaos, of wondering “what the hell is happening?”, “who are we?”, and “what are we doing?”.

We are in nothing short of planetary ascension, moving from a highly dualistic, polarizing 3rd density of the 4th dimension into a higher state of consciousness, characterized by loving, unity consciousness in the 4th density of the 5th dimension. Is that all Greek to you?

In plainer terms, the planet and her human collective are moving out of a lower vibratory field of being into a higher, more interconnected and unified state of being. We will not fail to see the godspark in each and every living thing. The return of heaven on Earth, the living Eden.

While I don’t have an exact timeline for you, I do have some guidance for this year, based in the recurring themes I’ve heard in channeled sessions. This is the time to radically realign with your own Spirit, especially if you’re feeling a sense of discomfort, dis-ease, or dread. Do not be distracted, and do not engage in the dying gasps of the duality consciousness (us/them). At this point, what you resist will persist.

Instead, transcend duality, see divinity in everyONE and focus on creating the new, emergent Earth by living within the vision you hold for the collective. The time to reference reality outside of yourself is over. And the moment to reclaim your own divine, self-sovereignty has arrived.

The only way out of chaos is in. Turn inward to discover answers to questions you are just beginning to formulate. Begin, or expand your meditation practice. Listen to your emotions. Are they pulling you off center? What self-victimizing narratives are you running through the movie reel of your own imagination? What long-forgotten or delayed dreams are you ready to boldly reclaim? Begin the hero’s journey.

The test of our time will not come in fighting the “other” but rather, in reuniting with our Spirit, boldly and unapologetically.

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