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“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

As the American collective navigates its way through post-election turmoil, one thing has become increasingly clear to me. There is a war on for control of your mind.

To those of you who have spent serious time on their own self-development, this is not news. Many of you have spent years working to unravel culturally-programmed, disempowering states of thinking, feeling, and being. All the “have-to’s, should’s, and can’t’s” have diminished greatly as you stepped forward into a more empowered way of living and accepted responsibility for the reality you experience.

What I am referring to here is more insidious and so it requires your full attention. There is an agenda to keep the human collective locked into an us/them conflict; to foment anger, fear, and agitation. The architects of this agenda know that as long as people are locked into lower emotional states of being, they are unable to transcend polarity and step into full self-sovereignty. Unity consciousness (you are me and I am you, we are all ONE) means an end to this agenda – full stop.

If you find yourself feeling angry, resentful and agitated about what you see happening “out there”, I would like you to pause and ask yourself if this state of BEing is serving your higher good? What is it accomplishing? And, the kicker, are you really in charge of what you just felt? Or, was it brought on by something you saw or read? Much of the information we are bombarded with is highly-curated material intended to separate us from ourselves and one another.

Take a breath, take a step back and zoom out… and you will realize that you are acting the part of a pawn in a planetary chess game. A game that was set up for you and that you’ve been playing for a long time. In a game of winner and losers, there are no true winners. The verb “to win” comes from an Old English word that means “to fight”. Fighting – that’s what humans have been conditioned to do, with few exception, by the architects of this control grid for a very long time.

But that is all changing now. Slowly and powerfully, people all across the planet are beginning to wake up and ask bigger questions, consider alternate realities and perspectives, and step out of the matrix of separation.

Instead of reacting in very predictable, self-victimizing ways to the events of the day, what if you were to take your pawn off the chess board and just observe for a while? Who would you BE to stand in a transcendent state of neutrality, where nothing you witness throws you into an emotional low (or high)? A state of self-sovereignty that is rock solid, grounded, and supremely connected to the divine in everyONE. This is what the architects fear most: a self-actualized, sovereign human being. Game over. Your mind is your own and is not available for co-opting or manipulation.

If you want to learn more about what is going on “out there”, do not rely on intermediaries to package it and narrate it for you. Always go to the primary information and engage with it using all of your senses, including intuitive, for yourself, in its entirety. Eyes (including 3rd) wide open from here on out.

My challenge to you going forward is to consider that the “enemy” lies within. Disable your fear programming and you will now BE part of the solution you seek. Otherwise, you will remain a pawn in a millennial-old game.

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