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The Power of Unconditional LOVE

“You don’t have the force. You ARE the force.” - The Arcturians

Happy 11:11:11!! I AM at the 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference in Georgia this weekend and look forward to sharing the downloads that have come in! For now, I am deLIGHTed to share this message I recorded while still on the Ark of the Covenant Mission in France.

The most basic form of alchemy available to humanity right now is the application of unconditional love and acceptance of self and others, across all aspects of life and work. This level of acceptance brings us into the zero point, the only place we begin to tap unity consciousness and can effectively build out New Earth.

Listen in to this week’s message here:

What parts of your SELF and others are ready to be LOVEd back into wholeness?

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



Would you like to journey beyond limiting beliefs that are holding you in the same old patterns? Ready to reclaim a much more expansive I AM identity and step into service like never before during this incredible time of Ascension on planet Earth? I invite you to apply to The Emergence Experience. This is a powerful experiential journey. Limited space. By application only. Once you submit your application, our Director of Client Relations, Dr. Nadia Brown, will schedule an interview with you to ensure a good fit.

Thank you for your interest!


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