This year has been a bit of a washing machine experience for everyone. The good news is that the agitation is clearing out more density from the fabric of our being.  For most of us, our education focused almost exclusively on our intellectual and physical abilities, but neglected our emotional and spiritual development. Events like these help close the gap for us as adults.

This 1-hour experience featured live channeled messages and energy work that activated the next level of our heart of service, balancing our receivership with giving, reclaiming our inner child, and releasing the contracted constructs of our conditioning. We even built new infrastructure for others to find in meditation, to invite them home into their multidimensional embodiment!

The event was intended to:

  • Clear density and distortion from your bio-energy field,

  • Enjoy a higher vibrational embodiment,

  • Feel centered and expansive no matter what's going on around you,

  • Become a more conscious, effective creator of your own reality,

  • Neutralize negative projections in your community's collective field.

  • Show up in support of one another.

Mission accomplished! The clearing was so powerful I'm offering the replay for purchase for the first time ever. Please do not drive while engaging with this meditation. Be sure to have time to rest afterward and drink plenty of water!

Solstice Sovereignty Event replay

It's always a joy to come together with this multidimensional community! I did experience some energetic shifts during the meditation. During the channeling Aja mentioned that we would be receiving a gift as a result of the meditation and that night I received a visitation from Mahavatar Babaji via a YouTube video. It was a simple meditaion that called forth Babaji and i definitely felt my heart fill with Joy and his presence was beautiful! It just happened to be the eve of my birthday and I knew beyond a doubt that it was a birthday gift! Thank you, Aja.


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