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$33 Clarity In Therapy *NEW!

Challenging times require innovative responses. This 3-part meditation series is designed to help mental health professionals improve outcomes and decrease burnout. Learn more.

$33 Increase My Light Quotient

In this 4-part meditation series, you will displace old constructs and quite literally change your light quotient (degree of density). Learn more.

$33 New Earth Money Manifestation

It’s clear that so many talented people are still struggling with some level of scarcity in their lives, feeling like they’re on a hamster wheel, blocked and creating the same thing over and over. I’ve created a 3-part channeled series of high-frequency transmissions designed to help you shift into a higher vibration. Learn more here.

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$33 Return to Base Code Meditation

This meditation was recorded in 2018 as part of my weekly live meditation series. It is a DNA activation intended to clear distortion and negative programs by resetting to "base code", the 12-strand template.

Learn more and purchase here.

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$22 How Mommy Got Her Magic Back

I share the adventures of my story of awakening in this ebook. It was written to take the reader on the journey I myself went through as I remembered a greater reality and my role in it. Purchase here.

Building resilience of the crystalline body, structure, incrementally, YES!!! And reconnecting to innate bio-luminescence, I can feel the shift, and I am SOOOO GRATEFUL for this series & support.


 Looking forward to working with this throughout the year; I am grateful that these are available over time to integrate. I am deeply stunned, amazed by the timeliness of this portal to become more of who I am and to be what I was sent to BE. Much love and gratitude (or what they say from where I am from, ALOHA & Mahalo)!


I love all of the activations you offer. I have been doing the grounding psychic clearing meditation daily since last spring and I feel that alone has done amazing changes for me, and openness. 


I really like the three activations for the money manifestation course. The shifts I sense so far are subtle and I know it will continue to work. And have started now to go back and do the course again to try to go deeper and raise my energy more and clear the old patterns. I come from a family of strong beliefs in lack for personal and religious reasons. So I will keep working at it. Thank you for all being to the world.


I have been liking and following your blogs for a few months now and I just want to thank you for your meditation. I felt a huge relief from a great lot of fearful energies. The meditation also showed which chakras were particularly weak and a bit hard to reach...great to be able to clear them. Thank you so much again for what you are doing to help with the consciousness raising of the planet. All the very best!


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