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Embracing Play 🎈 as a Path to Enlightenment

Welcome to a safe and transformative space in which we are exploring the frontiers of human evolution through our own multidimensionality. In this next episode of the "Beyond Conscious, Becoming Multidimensional" podcast, we explore the importance of play as a way to reclaim a healthier, happier self (and world!). Here is the original download: "When each of you arise, if you say to yourself: “What am I going to create/explore/express?” or “I can’t wait to create today!” instead of: “I have to go to work/school today” you would instantly reset out of the secondary principle of survival into the first principle of creation. The false duality choice between play and work is not serving you. It furthers old constructs based in martyr, self sacrifice, earning/deserving, and "hard" work. Will the world still function if everyone steps out of survival into creation through play? Yes. Because for some of you play is designing/building while for others it is serving/caretaking and for others it is healing. You get the point. The world will not only continue to function, it will do so at a higher vibration of alignment. If you stepped into that world right now, it would feel like a musical, in which everyone was singing. Because they are singing. Their bioenergy fields would be vibrating at a more coherent level, in harmony with themselves and one another. This is why it’s so important to allow the heart to lead you, beginning as children, because you will avoid the pain and suffering of misalignment and unlock Heaven on Earth within. Of course, there will be contrast in the form of activities you don’t enjoy, but these serve re-alignment (as long as you allow that to be your goal and focus, instead of self-sacrifice). The collective must allow children this return to what brings them joy." Imagine waking up each morning with a renewed sense of excitement and curiosity. Instead of approaching the day as a mere obligation, what if you saw it as an opportunity to create, explore, and express your true self? By shifting our mindset from survival mode to one of creation, we break free from old constructs that revolve around sacrifice, earning, and hard work. The false duality between play and work no longer serves us. We are called to align with the first principle of creation, where joy and fulfillment reside. If we collectively embrace a mindset of play and creation, the world would vibrate at a higher frequency. It would be a harmonious symphony, where each individual's bioenergy field resonates in coherence with themselves and others. Instead of competition, there would be complementarity and harmony. The heart, when allowed to lead from childhood, guides us towards alignment, unlocking the potential for heaven on earth. By nurturing and supporting children in following their joy, we lay the foundation for a brighter future. Incorporating play into our daily lives is like turning every moment into a fun game. Even activities that may seem mundane can become exciting when we approach them with childlike enthusiasm. Mary Poppins is on to something! Through the power of intention and our own field of emanation, we can manifest moments of joy and infuse higher dimensional frequencies into our reality. By infusing the environment with love, laughter, and lightness of being, we create a shift in energy, making it easier for everyone to breathe and experience levity. If our current circumstances don't bring us joy, we can infuse them with as much enthusiasm as possible. By doing so, we open ourselves to new opportunities that align with our true desires. It is our birthright to choose love over fear, joy over drudgery, and trust over worry. This daily choice, when practiced consistently, reshapes our reality fields, attracting experiences that reflect our joyful and trusting state of being. The feedback loop of joy becomes easier to maintain than the cycle of fear and worry (prayer in reverse). Many of us have inherited patterns of denying ourselves joy and happiness, often emulating adult role models who adhered to self-sacrifice and martyrdom. It is time to break free from these distortional conditionings and give ourselves permission to live differently. We can release the belief that play is incompatible with earning a living and redefine our joy and happiness set points. By reclaiming our childlike selves and disregarding societal programs that stifle our joy, we reclaim our self-sovereignty and open ourselves to a life filled with joyful experiences! As we embark on this journey of reclaiming our childlike selves and embracing life as a joyful game, we invite you to reset your mindset, infuse each day with curiosity and playfulness, and choose joy over drudgery. By doing so, we tap into the transformative power of play, unlocking higher dimensions of existence and experiencing life as it can be. Let's reclaim our birthright of joy, trust, and love, and create a reality that reflects the abundant and joyful nature of our souls. Embrace your inner child and let the world around you transform into a symphony of harmonious vibrations. Reclaim your self-sovereignty, break free from societal conditioning, and choose joy as your guiding principle. As you navigate the path of spiritual awakening, remember that life is meant to be experienced as a joyful game. Embrace it wholeheartedly and watch as your reality shifts to reflect the abundant and joyful essence of your true self! In Unity 🌐 A’sha Love P.S. Take a moment and consider... what feels like play to you AND serves others? leave a comment and let me know. That particular combination unlocks new opportunities for abundance to flow and love to expand in this corner of the Multiverse! P.S.S. Thanks so much for the notes last week I really appreciate hearing how these messages impact you!


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