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Just starting out

Your thought takes a course, dragging you in its wake,

Move beyond thought!

Let your heart lead! -Rumi

Welcome to the inner journey.

This is a self-discovery expedition. You don't need to know where the chakras are or be spiritual already to open this door. Your curiosity and intention are the keys. Your intuition and synchronicity your signposts. You are so much more than who you think you are. And it's my privilege to be your guide on this magical journey home to the True Self.

Begin your inner journey here

with a little help from above.
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New Earth Money Manifestation

It’s clear that so many talented people are still struggling with some level of scarcity in their lives, feeling like they’re on a hamster wheel, blocked and creating the same thing over and over. I’ve created a 3-part channeled series of high-frequency transmissions designed to help you shift into a higher vibration. Purchase here.

Awakening Track of The Emergence Experience (Year 1)

​This 6-month metaphysical mentorship program is for people who are beginning to open inner doors. This program helps newly awakening people dive deeper into your limiting fears and beliefs, moving you into closer alignment with your Greater Self.

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Solstice & Equinox Events

​These global meditation experiences are not to be missed! The mutidimensional clearing and activation work will change your life.  Learn more and purchase tickets (and replays) here.

Thank you very much for sharing this. I am very grateful. I felt my heart chakra and a big release in my root chakra. When we connected to Gaia I had a visualisation of her surrounding the planet. I feel a stronger connection to Gaia now. I still have much clearing to do and you have set me on that path which is just what I needed.

BE YOUR OWN GURU participant

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