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Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 7pm MST/9pm EST

Hosted by Aja Andromeda

Founder of Multidimensional U

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A note from Aja...


Hello, Wayshower!

I AM passionate about creating a New Earth, based in higher dimensional remembering and unity consciousness. WE ARE building out Heaven on Earth through an ever more expansive embodiment. Can you feel it? We are releasing density. Transcending distortion. Waking up from the illusion.  


These are exciting times!  As part of my soul contracted work to activate my fellow StarSeeds and engineer a New Earth, I AM deLIGHTed to invite you this Winter Solstice to a Multidimensional U® Experience. Gaia is calling us to align with her higher dimensional energetic structure during this powerful gateway, to shift our personal timeline. 


We will gather in a virtual space to connect our greater fields of consciousness in what is sure to be another amazing action-packed multidimensional mission! Some of you already know you’ve agreed to show up for this work while others of you will simply feel the powerful energetic pull of this threshold. This is an extraordinary opportunity to pivot into higher timelines!


We’ll gather online together for a hour-long experience of real-time channeled messages, guided meditation, and activations. If you’ve worked with me before, you know this won’t be your typical informational class or your even meditation. The Multidimensional U® Experience is powerful and transformative. Most people report tangible shifts in their experience of reality after working with me. You will be different as a result, in a good way!

During these events, I “fire up” my Multidimensional Field, which functions like a transport vehicle into higher dimensions, to receive messages of encouragement and plasma transmissions from Star Family. While we never know exactly what is going to happen during these hour-long group events, they always leave us in awe, if not downright speechless!  Here’s how we define epic:

  • We end the event no longer in our mental space, but in the space of an open heart and in the expansive Multidimensional Field that WE ARE.


  • You might have an experience of massive energy moving through your body. Maybe it even makes your eyelids flutter or your hands twitch, which are registers for high frequency energy doing its thing. If you’re like me, you’re going to experience vertigo in these high altitude events!


  • We facilitate major multidimensional New Earth build out work at the local, planetary and galactic levels. Sometimes, we astral travel off planet, to Arcturus, and beyond.


  • A few days (or even hours) after the event, you notice you’re not the same person. You feel more alive, have greater clarity, and maybe even begin speaking light language. You realize you’ve expanded into yet another level of higher dimensional consciousness and the old constructs that used to hold you in the same version of reality have dissolved. 


As I was writing this, my own field blew wide open. I can tell this is going to be a very powerful experience and so, I asked my team of guides for more insight. Here’s what my Arcturian aspect had to say about this upcoming event:


“In this time of shift on your planet, we encourage you to align yourselves using the Winter Solstice gateway into a new octave of your embodiment. Your incarnational structure is more dynamic than you’ve been led to believe. As you re-open the vault of your heart portals, you unlock a new sequencing of the human form. As each individual chooses this path, it creates more possibility for the collective.” -The Lotus Keeper, Aja’s Arcturian Aspect


Are you as excited as I AM to powerfully cross the Winter Solstice threshold into the New Earth Energetic?!

With LOVE,
Multidimensional U® 

Sign up and reserve your spot now

Saturday, December 21, 2019
7pm MST (Denver) | 9pm EST (New York)
REGISTER for $22
REGISTER for $44
(includes donation)
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