Venture beyond the ordinary

The Visionquest

Celtic France

Brittany, France

This 5-day personal retreat will take you far beyond the ordinary, into the depths of who you think you are and beyond the limits of this 3rd dimensional time space continuum. Join Aja for a 1:1 guided journey of a lifetime in the far west of Brittany, France.

Your time together will feature guided meditations, shamanic walks, and day trips to sacred Celtic sites. Aja will connect you with your Spirit Guides and the land for a deep spiritual dive in one of the most magical places on the planet! You will depart a different person. Couples welcome.

Current openings:

2019: October

*First or second week of the the months included above.

Dates are somewhat flexible.

Click below to apply. We will then follow up with you within 2-3 business days to schedule a phone/virtual meeting to ensure the Visionquest is a good fit for you. This is a private, individually customized trip and is priced accordingly. Serious applicants only please. 

There really are no words for the depth of my experience and how amazing and life altering this experience was. Aja is a rare find. The real deal.

When I read the invite I knew I had to go. There was a very strong and immediate response to the invitation. I could feel that things were shifting in a big way for me and there was a knowing that this experience would be part of the shifts. I also knew I had work to do in that location at the particular time.

The Visionquest exceeded my expectations. I honestly could not have imagined in my wildest dreams where my Vision quest would take me. All of the accommodations and logistical details were wonderful and supportive. Aja is a highly skilled facilitator and holds a container for transformative work beautifully and powerfully. The information she brought through was enlightening and felt spot on. I felt held and supportive every moment I was there.

I have a much clearer and larger understanding of who I am and how I can serve humanity and the planet at this time. This has continued to evolve and expand since my time in France. The work I do with clients is clearer and more powerful. My vision is farther reaching and channels have cleared and opened. Much more is available to me that I only imagined.

To anyone who feels the pull and wants to step more fully into their multi-dimensional self go for it. And… Aja is just plain a lot of fun! 


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