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​​Tuesday, January 14th, 9pm EST (GMT-5hrs)
Wednesday, January 15th, 12pm EST (GMT-5hrs)

Hosted by Aja Andromeda

Founder of Multidimensional U®


A note from Aja...


Hello, Bright Light!

The journey of metaphysical awakening puts us in the position of having had direct experiences that conflict with a dominantly held worldview.

We fear ridicule and must first confront the internalized skeptic. We are faced with a choice. Allow and trust these higher dimensional experiences or reject them as crazy.

The experience of contrast is valuable. Trust then reject. Back and forth. While somewhat exhausting, this is a critical part of the awakening journey. It helps us with refinement, by experiencing how accepting or denying our truth makes us feel.


"The opposite of belonging, from the research, is fitting in. Fitting in is assessing and acclimating: 'Here's what I should say, or be, here's what I shouldn't say and avoid talking about’. That's fitting in. Belonging is belonging to yourself first.” -Brene Brown

At some point, we set ourselves free from others’ opinions by deeply embracing our lived experience. This is why I carry a Sasquatch doll. To challenge my fear of appearing ridiculous head on and to honor my friendship with this incredible inter-dimensional race of beings who’ve helped me remember the magic of multidimensional reality. The doll acts as a lighthearted ambassador for a more inclusive paradigm.

If you’re like me on my own journey of awakening:


  • You know you have a role to play in building a better world by sharing your innate wisdom and abilities.


  • You recognize that you’re not meant to spend the rest of your life as a lone wolf, self-censoring out of fear.


  • You want to be able to help bridge the gap in understanding, but your increasing empathic sensitivity can make it hard to be around others, let alone speak your truth to them.


  • You wish you had more clarity on how to confidently articulate your truth, without imposing on others.

To support those of you interested in learning how to release the fears that are holding you back from living your multidimensional truth more fully, I AM delighted to offer you a free class in which I will share channeled messages and stories from my own life.

We'll cover a lot of material during this hour-long webinar related to the following questions:


  1. What is the spiritual closet from a higher dimensional perspective?

  2. What makes it so hard to come out of hiding at every level of awakening?

  3. Why is it so important to stop self censoring, especially energetically, right now?

  4. How can I safely move out of being in the spiritual closet, without sounding like I’m preaching?


New Earth Needs You! It’s Time to Come Out of Hiding. 

Register below to grab your seat.


Be sure to join us live as a replay is not being sent out!

With LOVE,
Aja Andromeda
Multidimensional U® 

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Tuesday January 14th, @ 9pm EST (GMT-5hrs)
Wednesday January 15th, @ 12pm EST (GMT-5hrs)
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