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Announcing... 12 Days of Shift! ✨

Yesterday I underwent an unexpected upgrade to my embodiment. As usual, I had to take a nap to integrate! Just as I was about to doze off, I received a detailed set of instructions: create 12 consecutive days of template shifts and post them online for people to begin using.

So, I'm thrilled to announce "The 12 Days of Shift" ✨ We kick off Day 1 this Sunday, September 10th, focusing on shifting shame back to love. My beta testers loved the results they experienced!

I use advanced inner tech to substantially shift chronic density and distortion that keep you weighed down in life. Some of these patterns stem from ancestral trauma, unconscious habits, family culture, and our own life experiences.

Our most powerful ally is our free will. We can use it to perpetuate destructive cycles OR we can remember we are alchemists, capable of great change!

Here's what we'll be shifting during the 12 Days:














This "inner tech" is so efficient is only takes seconds to conduct the shift. How cool is that?

I'm so happy to continue bridging the divide between the materialist scientific paradigm and emergent multidimensional physics, especially in ways that we can apply for positive impact! These are "next level" solutions that are being downloaded to so many of us now.

And remember, the doors to The Emergence Experience are open! The deadline to apply is September 22nd. If you'd like to take the inner journey with me this year to reclaim a more authentic and expansive version of yourself, I'm excited to welcome you among a very special cohort of fellow travelers. 💗

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

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