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We Are Moving to Montana!

My family is following our Higher Guidance and taking aligned action… we are moving to Montana in two weeks!

“It is through the unapologetic pursuit of your joy that you will discover what you seek.” - The Arcturians

I’m not exempt from following the same “kick in the pants” guidance I channel for all of you. This move comes on the heels of me being willing to look deeply at what our limited beliefs as a family were, especially with regard to educational opportunities. Ever since my daughter turned five, we’ve been on a journey to find the right school fit. I soon came to realize that what I was looking for didn’t yet exist, or didn’t go beyond elementary school. I became disheartened and disenchanted with 3D education. We did homeschooling for a year, but ultimately my daughter wanted to be with her friends. Oh well, I thought, she’ll just have to go through what we did. But as this year of seventh grade for her wore on and I saw how she felt unseen, pressured to perform on tests and grades, and was beginning to harden her heart to cope with her environment of extremely anxious students, I had had enough. Within five minutes of searching, I had located a New Earth school in Montana that knocked my socks off. Casually mentioning it to my daughter, I was stunned when she asked if she could go there! She has always been resistant to anything new. In that moment, I could feel our Higher Selves at work. All barriers to make this move would disintegrate, the stars would align, and the magic carpet would appear. And that’s exactly what happened...

Earlier this year, my husband had received channeled instructions from his Spirit Guide in his Emergence Experience with me to resurrect Atlantean healing technology on the land somewhere in Montana, so we had already begun looking in that direction for a potential move some day. He was then guided to leave his career as a fisheries biologist with the federal government. It was a scary decision for him, but he did it anyway. This freedom and flexibility made it possible for us to leap quickly into action when the school said it had one spot left for a January start date. We didn’t hesitate! As we prepare to move, I can feel the land calling us... I can see the Star Kids building out New Earth in dramatically unburdened and inspiring ways… and I can feel the shift in dimensional reality we are co-creating in real time. I’m so grateful that the founders of this school followed their guidance to create this opportunity for families like us. We all have important roles to play in building out New Earth. What is your role? What are you ready to claim as your legacy work? If you’re thinking, “Yes, this resonates. But, now what? What am I supposed to do? I would do it if I knew”, I’d like to invite you to attend my upcoming masterclass: “Be Your Own Guru”. Register here. I’m excited to teach you the steps I take every day to channel my Higher Guidance and take aligned action in order to live out my soul purpose in extremely fulfilling ways!

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



Would you like to journey beyond limiting beliefs that are holding you in the same Would you like higher dimensional support right now?

Shortly before our online video session, I will connect to your field and then share what comes through. Ask as many questions as you like! My intention is to provide a safe, yet powerful container in which blocks are released and you are reconnected more clearly to your own Higher Guidance. A link to download your session will be emailed to you within a day or two afterward.

If you have technical questions about booking please email our Client Concierge Deanna Dawson at

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