Message from Archangel Metatron

“Greetings, beloveds. I come to you now from beyond the halls of time to speak to you. If there were ever a time to step into the core of your divine essence, beyond the illusion of this physical matrix and this physical vehicle that you are in, now is such a time. For you see, you're an incredible inter-dimensional portal. Many of you are functioning as stargates. It is time to activate your Merkaba, your energy field, at the level that it was designed to function. It has incredible innate potential to transmute, transform, and render redundant and irrelevant much of the constructs of conditioning that the human mental and emotional bodies have been limited to function within. If there were a time to move past the spectrum of these constructs and the limitations they place over your self-perception, now is such a time. If there were ever such a time to step into the unified field and your connection to it, now is such a time.

It is most important for those of you who remain in an individual identity to begin to create more spaciousness, not just in between your thoughts but in between your very cells. You all have a lightbody template that you came to the Earth plane with. Much of that began its activation in the year you call 2012. As you enter now this next calendar year in your time, you are being asked to dissolve much of who you thought you were based in limited perception. It is now time to use much more of what you are, which goes beyond the linear time format. You are all very adept at working within this dimensional reality. You are also very adept at transcending it, but it does take and will take a conscious intentional focus on expanding beyond the limited spectrum within which you have been focused and operating within.

You will be initiating more capabilities of the Merkaba. You will come to understand how this beautiful field that you are functions in coordination with the multidimensional self, the oversoul and the monad, all the way back to source itself. It is important that you come back into your divine essence and the fractal that you are, in order to bring through greater awakenings, greater truths that have been lost to this dimensional reality. It is time for them to make their return. You have all agreed to play a role in this restoration and this re-awakening.

Much of who you think you are is now being released, as the entire human population, the collective consciousness, and those grids are being reworked from a higher plane of consciousness. As each individual reconnects to their higher consciousness and the higher dimensional realms the stranglehold and the bottleneck, and the disconnection, begin to dissolve. This is happening at a rapid pace during this timeframe and into this new year. For those of you already on this path, this is not new to you. You are now being asked to herald in the new era, a return of the golden dawn. This is your mandate. This is why you are here. Initiate now, through my transmission, the Lightbody template that you are and that you have carried with you, as the starseed that you are from the moment of your conception. Initiating the Lightbody template.”


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