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Restoring ease and flow with Rivers
Earth Recovery Team
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Ready to release all that no longer serves you?

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To allow ease and flow back into your life?

The time has come to realign with Source — and let go of all the sacrifice and struggle.

We are multidimensional beings having a human experience.

Our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. We have emanation powers and we can change our reality through our field of expanding consciousness.

Some of us are more aware of this and have consciously begun our self-realization journey. Others are just starting to discover this and may feel a mix of curiosity and awe. More and more, people are waking up to their greater power.


Whether it is for greater peace and harmony or healing the environment, intentional multidimensional experiences are now the most powerful action we can take to support our next evolution, out of "hard work", "the grind", and all of that "us and them"— into greater ease of creation, based in self-love and a deep connection with the All That Is.

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The status quo has been disrupted via our Higher Directive

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We have arrived at the threshold of a New Earth

We’ve been mindlessly wreaking havoc on ourselves and — the Earth. Catastrophic climate events, disease and human conflict are intensifying. Our civilization is failing to thrive and it can leave us feeling disempowered and disheartened.


Now’s the time, more than ever, to rise up together. We have the power to use multidimensional technologies to restore a higher harmonic of being through an individual and collective emanation.

We are on the threshold of a New Earth, one we create through our own healing and  projected consciousness. In short, one we create by becoming a new kind of human!

YOU have the power to heal separation from Source.

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We all do. Now it's time to own it.

Merging together the power of channeled meditation and our desire to restore greater harmony to ourselves and the planet, we are continuing this world-wide movement to work with Rivers for the well-being of all Life on Earth.


The water element provides powerful "medicine" and rivers are conscious entities that have much to teach us when it comes to flow and forging new paths, without forcing or pushing. They help us embody the essence of the greater cycle we agreed to participate in, freeing ourselves from the trap of lower emotional constructs (i.e. victim, fear, anger).


Calling all...

We are calling all those of you that want to claim the joy of ease and flow to join us for six months of multidimensional meditation and community connection. Calling all individuals, couples, families and friends committed to being the change we want to see in the world! Join us May - October, 2021.

The program includes...

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Channeled Meditations

We will gather the entire team online once a month for a guided meditation with one of the world's rivers, channeled by Aja Love. The rivers are powerful beings with amazing wisdom and many allies. They are delighted to see humanity returning to nature for mental, emotional and physical healing!


These monthly group meditations will feature gifts from the river and advanced multidimensional technologies to help us clear old patterns, increase our light quotient and restore flow.


River Walks & Energy Medicine

Join river medic and internal energy healer Jude Trapani for a virtual monthly river walk. Jude will cover topics related to the restoration of well-being that combines the wisdom of the natural world with ancient energy healing traditions (i.e. Tai Chi & Qigong).


Each15-minute session will be followed by a conversation about that month's focus and channeled Q&A with both Jude and Aja.

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Conscious Community

We’re hosting the community on Mighty Networks, which is uniquely designed for engagement, content sharing, and connections between team members. No doubt you'll forge new friendships!

We wanted to make this more energetically-aligned social platform available to empower you to celebrate the rise of earth-based healing and connect with your fellow team members from around the world!

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Welcome & Ongoing Resources

As part of the membership, we’ve created an exclusive course to help you maintain and care for your bio-energetic field of consciousness.


This will include a daily grounding and clearing meditation practice from Aja, Tai Chi and Qigong from Jude, and channeled activations created only for the Earth Recovery Team. This course is meant to be a go-to resource to support your integration of the monthly meditations and build upon them.

We are calling all way showers, light workers and all other caring individuals that want to take part in restoring Rivers in a very concrete and active way to join us.  As a member of the Earth Recovery Team, you will be collaborating with the planet's rivers and one another to raise human consciousness through guided meditations.

Why Join?

We’re gathering to create more ease and flow on Earth at a time when so many need it.

  • Directly participate in energetic enhancement of yourself, the Earth and humanity.

  • Build a better world by releasing all that no longer serves you, including culturally inherited and conditioned patterns of thought and ways of being.

  • Enjoy the company of others working on recovery of the self, the planet and humankind.

  • Embody the Multidimensional Self and learn how to use higher dimensional technologies.

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Join the Earth Recovery Team Today!

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What's Included:

  • 6 Monthly guided meditations with that month's river, channeled by Aja. Replays included.

  • 6 Monthly River Walks (and replays) with Jude, followed by group discussion with Jude & Aja. Replays included.

  • Unlimited access to Ongoing Resources, featuring meditations and other recordings designed to support the movement.

  • International community of conscious people committed to personal transformation. (priceless!)

Please be sure to take time now to feel into the energy of it for yourself. If alignment is there, read on! Questions? Check out the FAQs.

The Rivers & Schedule of Events

River Guides for the Program

  • Dordogne River (FRANCE)

  • Nile River (EGYPT)

  • Whanganui River (NEW ZEALAND)

  • Klabona Sacred Headwaters (CANADA)

  • Ganges River (INDIA)

  • Amazon River (BRAZIL)

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On the 2nd Saturday of the month for six months (May - October, 2021), we will gather at 11am Mountain Time (check your time zone here). This monthly gathering features the River Walk, Conversation and Q&A, and Guided Meditation. Each gathering will last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Join the team!

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Once you submit your payment (select an option below), you will receive a welcome email from us, as well as several invites* to join our Mighty Networks community and the Earth Recovery Team Course & Group. The last day to join is May 5, 2021.


*Please open the invite to join the network first, enter the email address you used when submitting payment, and then look for a "magic link" in your inbox to finish setting up your network account. Please check your spam folder (or the promotions tab in Gmail) if you don't see the welcome emails.

Registration now closed.
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“Joining with each of you as we look forward to being with all the others to celebrate and further the magic work of the Klabona Sacred Headwaters this week. It has been such a profound journey. Thank you for your journeying along with these amazing rivers all year long - and in such a year of rebirth potential for all! Keep enjoying the journey with love and positivity and increasing clarity for your own life. Bubble up and bubble onward"



“After I joined the group I looked out the window of my cabin and there were at least 50 hawks catching grasshoppers, then a dingo trots on in from the bush. I walked down to the bridge over the river: the crocodile was there, a flock of cockatoos flew around me squawking & carrying on, then a huge wild bull crossed the road, a pair of protected ducks turned up and a large sparkly blue dragonfly landed next to me.. it all felt connected and I was a little mind blown ”

Who We Are

Aja Love (pronounced AY- j-ah) is the founder of Multidimensional U®, an energy broadcasting system that exists to elevate human consciousness through advanced multidimensional technologies.  She is a Channel and Guide for planetary Wayshowers who want to activate into the next level of their human embodiment and are ready to align with their Soul Purpose.

After getting her undergraduate degree from William Smith College and her MS from Michigan Tech University, Aja founded several nonprofit organizations and ran a successful consulting business before her metaphysical awakening catapulted her into surrender to her own greater calling. She has received various awards for her present and past service work on the planet.

Aja Love

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Jude Trapani


Over the last three decades, Jude has been exploring the concepts of energy, nature and consciousness. His 30-year professional career has focused on river restoration and fish biology while also exploring the metaphysical aspects of the earth, water and all of us who live here. Jude has achieved many accomplishments and awards working on salmon recovery in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.


For these same 30+ years, Jude has also been studying and teaching Tai Chi & Qigong. He has been fascinated with the Taoist principles of Nature and how energy, especially spiral energy, enhances our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. He is constantly on the lookout for how to make parallels between these revelations and the natural world. Earth Recovery Team is an amazing opportunity to deepen these insights and share and learn with many others.

Join the movement!

Together, we’re creating a worldwide movement to restore ease and flow to our lives. Join us today!


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1. When are the live calls? The monthly gatherings take place on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 11am MT (check your time zone here) on May 8th, June 12th, July 10th, August 14th, September 11th, October 9th of 2021.

2. What if you can't make it to the live events/calls? All meditations and river walks will be recorded and the replays will be available in Mighty Networks within a day or two afterward.

3. How do I participate? We meet using the video conferencing software Zoom. If you can't join via video, you can call in (international toll free numbers are provided).

4. How long are the monthly gatherings going to take? In total, we will meet for six months (May-October) once/month for up to 90 minutes. The River Walks with Jude will last about 15 minutes, the Community Conversation 30-40 minutes and the ending meditation 15-20 minutes.

5. What time zone are the calls scheduled for? The calls are scheduled in Mountain Time (USA), but the event times and reminders should appear in your time zone in Mighty Networks.

6. If I can't attend the live events/calls can I still participate? Yes. You can participate via the replays and engage with the community in the Mighty Networks forum when convenient for you.

7. Will I have access to past meditations and river walks? Yes. We just caution you to not do more than one meditation in a week as you catch up on replays, since your body will need time to integrate the energetic effects.


8. Do I have to be spiritually advanced or experienced in meditation to join the team?  No! Bring an open mind (and heart) and your passion for healing yourself and the planet.

9. How can I access mighty networks if I can't get the app to work (phone too old)? You can use the web browser on your phone or computer.

10. Can I get a refund if my schedule changes? No refunds. You can still engage with the meditations and river walks via replay and the community via Mighty Networks.


11. Why am I seeing a surcharge VAT tax on my registration? Most European countries charge a 10-20% tax on online goods. This membership does not apply so we will refund that charge once you sign up. (We're working with Mighty Networks to eliminate this altogether).

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More Questions?

Sarah is ready to answer any questions you have at

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