Multidimensional U

Hello there, fellow Traveler.


I warmly invite you to join a growing body of planetary healers and Wayshowers in The Multidimensional U commUNITY. Be part of an emergent community of awakened (and awakening) masters to share, support, and encourage one another to live your Soul Purpose in powerful ways.


My name is Aja (pronounced Asia). Growing up, I was just like (well, almost) everyone else I knew. While I always felt different and somehow "not from here", I did my best to fit in and make a life.  Then, in 2012, I began an intense spiritual awakening that brought me into direct connection with a much greater multidimensional reality and my True Purpose on this planet.


I have been called to share my perspectives and gifts with the world, which I do on a now daily basis as an Intergalactic Shaman and Channel. I have also been called to create... new systems, thought, and ways of being. This group is one new system and body of consciousness that was "downloaded" to me as a way to create powerful, lasting change in the evolution of human consciousness at this time.  We are rEVOLUTIONizing what it means to be human across all aspects of our civilization. From health and wellness to education and energy, we are bringing incredible divine technologies to bear on a planet that is in the throes of massive change. We are pioneering the New Earth, changing paradigms and systems powerfully and confidently. YOU are needed!


Whether membership in the commUNITY is part of your Emergence Experience, or you are considering joining with a stand alone membership, I hope you will consider engaging with us!


Here's what's included in your monthly enrollment fee (billed automatically once per month):


  • One 60-minute Clarity Session with Aja each year. This is your opportunity to receive individual guidance and support on your own ascension journey. Includes recording.


  • Six Channeled Messages emailed to your inbox each year (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov). The messages contain timely information on how to adjust to changing planetary frequencies, how to step more fully into the Greater I AM, and powerful encoded energetic transmissions intended to support each individual participant. Aja channels the messages from your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, as well as spiritually advanced Galactic Civilizations.


  • Six interactive Virtual Gatherings on the 1st Sunday of each month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) from 10:00am to 12:00pm MT (London-7.00h). Each gathering is an experiential journey beyond this dimension. We astral travel together to Arcturus for teaching, healings, activations, and sometimes, to journey further into the Multiverse! This is a good time to ask questions and receive answers from wise teachers in higher dimensions. All seminars are recorded.


As part of the Multidimensional U commUNITY, you will also enJOY:

  • Membership in the private Multidimensional U Community Facebook Group. Daily downloads and inspiration. While your neighbors and family might not get what you're up to, you can share your updates and pose questions to a group of highly supportive peers here. 

  • Access to the archived messages and seminars from 2016-present in the Members Area of our website.

  • Twelve-month minimum commitment. Cancel anytime thereafter.

When you click on the button below and submit payment, you will receive a welcome email with a link to our new member's intake form. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at We are happy to help you! This program is currently only available to Emergence Experience graduates.