New Earth Build Out in Dordogne, France

A Day with Aja - August 8, 2020

The Genesis Code Mission
Join Aja on an epic mission in the heart of the Dordogne region of France during the Lion's Gate Portal to activate the Genesis Code, the seed of Shamballa, Gaia's living codex of creation.

Welcome to a deeply transformative day in the heart of the Dordogne, a region of France known for its prehistoric cave paintings and culinary delights. There are incredible sacred sites in this part of the world.

"There really are no words for the depth of my experience and how amazing and life altering this experience was. Aja is a rare find. The real deal."

We will spend the day in a small group, enjoying channeled messages, activations, and multidimensional engineering work to build out New Earth. We will also engage in light tai chi exercises designed to help us center and maintain the zero point. You'll reactivate forgotten aspects of self and we'll collaborate with Gaia, the Ancients, and our Star Families. You won't be the same person after our time together.

"The day with Aja was a life-changing experience."


We begin our day by 10am and wrap up by 4pm. Lunch is included. Transport to and from event location (hotel or house rental, exact location TBD) not included. Learn more about the Dordogne region of France.


We will be working in very high frequencies. Reserve time for rest in the evening. Drink plenty of water.  This is a small group event with Aja and has been priced accordingly.  Price goes up to $2,200 on January 21, 2020.

Reserve your spot by making payment below. As a thank you gift, you will receive a 30-minute private session with Aja when you book by December 21, 2019. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly after you submit your payment.


Need more information? We invite you to book a call with our Director of Client Relations, Dr. Nadia Brown.

"The individual seeking access to Aja is really seeking access to lost, hidden, submerged aspects of themselves. You call these soul fragments. We call them the soul's hidden agenda, an interesting game of hide and seek. The people involved in this game are powerful beings with important missions, seeking clarity and activation at this pivotal time in the evolution of the human race. They are searching for this greater something within themselves. Aja has the ability to hand them the keys. Aja is a catalyst, an activator and an incredible champion for this fleet of brilliant souls. Her field unlocks, unzips, their own higher dimensional codes. Then, there is clarity of purpose and a truer sense of direction, free from the distractions and distortions of duality. There is ONEness, a sense of coming home and feeling whole once again. The multidimensional codex activated is true liberation. The masters are waking up, ready to play a new game. This is why they seek her company and counsel. To remember themselves." - Archangel Michael

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There really are no words for the depth of my experience and how amazing and life altering this experience was. Aja is a rare find. The real deal.

When I read the invite I knew I had to go. There was a very strong and immediate response to the invitation. I could feel that things were shifting in a big way for me and there was a knowing that this experience would be part of the shifts. I also knew I had work to do in that location at the particular time.

The Visionquest exceeded my expectations. I honestly could not have imagined in my wildest dreams where my Vision quest would take me. All of the accommodations and logistical details were wonderful and supportive. Aja is a highly skilled facilitator and holds a container for transformative work beautifully and powerfully. The information she brought through was enlightening and felt spot on. I felt held and supportive every moment I was there.

I have a much clearer and larger understanding of who I am and how I can serve humanity and the planet at this time. This has continued to evolve and expand since my time in France. The work I do with clients is clearer and more powerful. My vision is farther reaching and channels have cleared and opened. Much more is available to me that I only imagined.

To anyone who feels the pull and wants to step more fully into their multi-dimensional self go for it. And… Aja is just plain a lot of fun! 

Doing a personal Visionquest with Aja was a profound and transformative journey.


The VisionQuest trip itinerary was customized for me based on guidance that Aja received from my galactic team.  It was a heart-warming time where Aja graciously held space for me to grow even further into my multidimensional self, and allowed me to have deep reflection into all of the incredibly powerful channeled insights that she brought in as we visited several incredible spiritual sites.


Aja naturally exudes a high-vibrational energy that is both soothing and blissful, making it very easy to stay in a high-vibration zone that supported the transformative work that I needed to do.  Overall, it was truly a liberating experience and one where I was not the same person at the end of the journey as I was when I started.  


Aja is one of a kind and an absolute treasure; she has enabled me to fast-track my spiritual journey and I am eternally grateful for her love, support and guidance.


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