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in Brittany, France

March 16th, 2018

Spend the Day with Aja
Feeling summoned by something greater? Spend a day with Aja as she guides you through magical multidimensional experiences in the heart of Celtic France!
Welcome to a transformative day in the heart of the Finistère (Land’s End) region of Brittany, France. There are incredible sacred sites in this part of the world which offer powerful multidimensional experiences.
This is also the spiritual home of Aja, Founder of Multidimensional U, who is thrilled to share this incredible part of the world with you. She is fluent in both French and interdimensional travel and will safely guide you into the magic of multidimensional reality and your True Self.
Aja will lead you in grounding and clearing meditations, as well as  shamanic and astral journeys designed to reclaim your Self Sovereignty.
You'll reactivate forgotten aspects of self at powerful sacred sites, such as the Cairn de Barnénez (Europe’s largest megalithic monument). Step out of time where legends were born in the Huelgoat Forest and atop the Black Mountains. Enjoy a delicious meal and the company of like-minded peers!
The Details: Friday, March 16th. Small group (maximum 3 guests). By application only. Lunch included. Pick up and drop off in Brest or Morlaix at 9:00am/5:00pm. Also includes a private 75-minute Integration Session (virtual) with Aja within 3 weeks afterward. This is a day of personalized guidance from Aja so it has been priced accordingly. Your Investment: 2,500 USD. Serious applications only, please. Transport to and from Brittany and lodging not included
Are you ready to leave the limitations of the False Self behind and to positively transform the way you experience reality? Ready to dive deep into your Greater Identity?
Click here to apply. Once you apply, Aja will follow up with you within 2 business days.
Questions? Don't hesistate to email us at
We are happy to make travel and lodging recommendations!

“After meeting Aja in person last summer on a trip to Egypt, I knew that we would work together. Her style and manner is so, well, normal! She is incredibly capable, connected and confident - grounded whilst at the same time being super skilled at what she does. I met her recently in Paris for a set of clearings and activations that left me in no doubt of her skillset and precision in working with her guides and all manner of ascended masters and multi-dimensional beings. 


For the past few years I have been working on myself with various shaman, healers and coaches and have valued each one that has come into my world to assist. Aja is one of the most powerful and efficient and at the same time, compassionate and understanding of what it’s like to be on this journey through life at this time.  Don’t hesitate to work with her if you feel called to - you won’t regret it."


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