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Equinox Global Meditation Event

Feeling ungrounded? Join me this Spring Equinox for a Global Meditation as we ground more deeply into Mother Earth.

About this Event

As the planet continues on the wave train of intense disruption, hundreds of people from all over the planet will gather for a powerful multidimensional group meditation.

Hello! My name is Aja Love and I AM passionate about creating a New Earth through personal healing and evolution.

The Spring Equinox event offers you the opportunity to:

  • Get yourself deeply grounded during this intense time of transformation,

  • Claim a more expansive embodiment as part of our species' next evolution,

  • Deepen your connection and collaboration with our planet,

  • Receive incredible multidimensional support from loving allies,

  • Claim greater ease in your creator role as an Earthling!

The intergalactic civilization that we are on the threshold of becoming beckons us to take care of our own home first by deepening our grounding into Mother Earth.

We’ll gather online for an hour-long experience of real-time channeled messages and energy activations from the Element of Earth and Gaia (our planet's consciousness).

"You are just beginning to understand the importance of a deeper energetic connection with me. As you reclaim this connection there is so much we can do together, in harmony." -Gaia

We'll also receive support from our advanced galactic neighbors, the Arcturians.

“The extent to which you are able to hold a new frequency in your field of thought, feeling and emotion, you create a vortex of light, a dynamic field of influence. You become an agency of the change you wish to see.

This change is not separate from you, but an outgrowth of your ever-expanding field of conscious, creative light.” -The Lotus Keeper, Aja's Arcturian Aspect

This multidimensional event isn't your typical meditation. Most people report t

angible shifts in their experience of reality after working with me, including the experience of powerful physical and energetic sensations, so you'll want to prepare by:

  • Engaging with my Daily Grounding & Clearing Meditation to clear out your field and establish a basic grounding (a gift with your ticket purchase).

  • Blocking time before and after the meditation to rest.

  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after the event.

Are you as excited as I AM to consciously move through the Equinox gateway into the next New Earth energetic? Join me live or tune in via the replay.

**If you're camera shy, not to worry. This is a webinar and you'll only see me on the screen.


Join me and hundreds of other caring people around the planet on:

Saturday, March 20th

@ 10am PST | 1pm EST

$33 per person

Upon registration, a private Zoom link will be emailed to you to join us for the event.

Replay included (emailed afterward).

It's always a joy to come together with this multidimensional community! I did experience some energetic shifts during the meditation. During the channeling Aja mentioned that we would be receiving a gift as a result of the meditation and that night I received a visitation from Mahavatar Babaji via a YouTube video. It was a simple meditaion that called forth Babaji and i definitely felt my heart fill with Joy and his presence was beautiful! It just happened to be the eve of my birthday and I knew beyond a doubt that it was a birthday gift! Thank you, Aja.


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