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Raising consciousness with Rivers
Earth Recovery Team

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We are using the power of our global community’s directed focus to improve river health and raise human consciousness worldwide. Here's how:

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You are on this Earth for a reason


To contribute your spiritual gifts and multidimensional abilities to the greater good.

There is more to our reality than we can perceive through our five senses — and if you’re reading this, you probably know this too.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. We have manifestation powers and we can change our reality through our intention.

Some of us are more aware of this and have consciously begun our self-realization journey. Others are just starting to discover this and may feel a mix of curiosity and awe.


More and more, people are joining in meditation to affect change at a larger scale. Whether it is for peace or for healing humanity, mass meditation is now the most powerful action we can take to support humanity and the Earth’s ascension to 5D — the dimension of unity and love, where duality and judgment become meaningless and obsolete.

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Life on Earth is in danger

We’re destroying pristine natural ecosystems, we’re polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink.

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We’ve been mindlessly wreaking havoc on our very home and life source — the Earth. Climate change, epidemics and catastrophic weather events are more intense and frequent than ever. The Earth is ailing and it can leave us feeling disempowered and disheartened.


Now’s the time, more than ever, to rise up and join in our manifesting power to turn this terrible trajectory around. We have the power to use multidimensional technologies to restore the Earth.

YOU have the power to heal our planet.


And together, we can accomplish amazing things, at a greater scale!

Merging together the power of mass meditation and our desire to restore the Earth’s natural integrity, we are initiating a world-wide movement to work with Rivers for their wellbeing. Rivers are conscious entities that have much to teach us and that are crucial to our survival. Rivers irrigate our lands, fill our oceans and provide life to all beings — it is the blood flow of Gaia.


Calling all humans!

We are calling all way showers, light workers and all other caring individuals that want to take part in restoring Rivers in a new way to join us.  As a member of the Earth Recovery Team, you will be collaborating with the planet's rivers and one another to raise human consciousness through guided meditations.

What you'll get (and give):

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Monthly Guided Group Meditation

We will gather the entire team online once a month for a guided meditation, led by Earth Recovery Team co-founder and multidimensional channeler Aja Andromeda, for a guided group meditation featuring channeled messages and healing work for people and the planet. These regular group meditations will raise your personal frequency. We expect to see physical manifestations of shifts in consciousness related to restoring thriving ecosystems around the planet!


River Talks

Join co-founder and river biologist Jude Trapani for a monthly river talk. Part lecture, part intimate group discussion, Jude will bring topics ranging from river ecology and restoration efforts to a multidimensional perception of water, followed by a Q&A.


You’ll then have a chance to connect with the community and share and discuss in small break out groups on the given topic (participation is optional). No doubt you'll forge new friendships during these conversations!

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We’re hosting the community on Mighty Networks, which is uniquely designed for engagement, content sharing, and connections between team members. YOU are an integral part of the success of our movement and we wanted to make available a platform that would empower you to celebrate river recovery / consciousness rising stories and join your fellow team members from around the world!


River Groups

Every member will also join one of twelve River groups. Each River self-selected to represent the diversity of riverine ecosystems of the world and will participate subtly but actively in your guidance and spiritual evolution. This unique partnership is a return to ancient Earth-based ways of living. You'll find yourself more connected to the spirits of your own land and nearby rivers, lakes and oceans!


Welcome & Ongoing Resources

As part of the membership and to support our mission, we’ve created an exclusive course to help you maintain and care for your energetic field of consciousness. This will include a daily meditation practice from Aja, tai chi and Qi gong from Jude, suggested readings, etc. This course is meant to be a go-to grounding tool to support your evolution and role as a team member, thus we will add to it every quarter.

We are calling all way showers, light workers and all other caring individuals that want to take part in restoring Rivers in a very concrete and active way to join us.  As a member of the Earth Recovery Team, you will be collaborating with the planet's rivers and one another to raise human consciousness through guided meditations.

Why Join?


We’re gathering to create enhanced consciousness on Earth for the benefit of humanity, Gaia and beyond.

  • Directly participate in energetic enhancement of the earth and humanity

  • Build a better world by sharing your experiences with multidimensional reality and your innate metaphysical wisdom and abilities

  • Be with others working on recovery of the self, the earth and humankind

  • Become more practiced with Multidimensional Self and how to use fifth to seventh dimensional technologies

Join the Earth Recovery Team Today!

What's Included:

  • 12 monthly guided group meditations with Aja.

  • 12 River Talks with Jude, followed by small group discussions.

  • Access to our Mighty Networks social forum.

  • Unlimited access to Welcome & Ongoing Resources.

  • International community of spiritual and environmentally conscious people.

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Join the Team!

We are opening the doors to the Earth Recovery Team only a few times a year. If you feel called to join us, we would urge you to do so now!


Who We Are

Aja (pronounced Asia) is a Multidimensional Channel, Innergalactic Shaman, and Metaphysical Teacher. Through her online metaphysical coaching program, The Emergence Experience, she has helped clients across the world contribute to a New Earth through the alchemy of their personal transformation. In addition, she’s helped them uncover their greater calling and activate incredible innate metaphysical abilities.

Aja Andromeda


Jude Trapani

Over the last three decades, Jude has been exploring the concepts of energy, nature and consciousness. His 30-year professional career has focused on river restoration and fish biology while also exploring the metaphysical aspects of the earth, water and all of us who live here. Jude has achieved many accomplishments and awards working on salmon recovery in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.


For these same 30+ years, Jude has also been studying and teaching Tai Chi & Qigong. He has been fascinated with the Taoist principles of Nature and how energy, especially spiral energy, enhances our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. He is constantly on the lookout for how to make parallels between these revelations and the natural world. Earth Recovery Team is an amazing opportunity to deepen these insights and share and learn with many others.


Our Member Care team is ready to answer any questions you have at

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