Auric Field Clearings

Freedom from distortion and undue

negative influences in your energetic body

Aja has specialized skills in clearing a person’s energetic field (the aura) from unwanted influences and intrusions (entities, implants, cords, psychic darts, negative programs, etc.). This work features as an important part of her contribution to helping people break free from significant consciousness barriers and negative programs embedded in this holographic reality. She is dedicated to breaking down such barriers at the planetary level as part of her soul contract and travels (both physically and in the astral) when directed by her guidance to conduct such work.

People often report feeling lighter, less anxious, and having greater clarity. Mind chatter tends to diminish and there is greater forward momentum, in both careers and personal lives. Sometimes physical symptoms or ailments resolve.

Aja's abilities to conduct clearings were reactivated spontaneously in 2016, under direction of the Arcturians and since that time, Aja has cleared many people from undue negative influences. Clearings are done remotely, in which Aja connects to your Higher Self. You are not present for the work. A resource document and guided meditations to help keep you clear going forward are included. As with any program or service, the effort you make after the clearing to avoid negative intrusions (drugs, excessive alcohol, violent media, toxic people, managing stress and fear) will go a long way toward keeping you clear.

To order a clearing, click on one of the links below. You will then be notified within a day or two when your clearing will take place (usually within two weeks). Upon completion, you will receive a brief video summary and resources to help you stay clear. If you ordered the Clarity Session package, you will also be sent a link to book your 75-minute follow up session ).  

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I just can't thank you enough for sharing your magic with me.

I've been feeling lighter and much more connected, inspired even.


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