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The Activation Track
We are going beyond conscious and becoming... multidimensional.
We are building out a New Earth through personal transformation. We are revolutionizing what it means to be human!


This is an invitation to embark on a very special journey. It's the return journey home to your expansive Multidimensional Self, which transcends this temporary identity and point on the time/space continuum. It's a magical adventure that leads you out of the remaining distortions of the Constructed Self and consciousness traps that keep you imprisoned false narratives, repeating the same version of reality.

Aja Love

This invitation is for those of you who genuinely care about other people and the planet, who are ready to surrender to the next greater calling that keeps knocking at your door.


My name is A'sha Love. I'm the founder of Multidimensional U®. I created The Emergence Experience in 2015 after receiving the inner guidance to do so. Since that time, I've worked with hundreds of people all over the planet. 


Just like you, they wanted help moving into the next level of their human embodiment and stepping into more of their wayshowing and metaphysical healing work. It's been my privilege to guide them into their own self actualization, providing a very high vibrational field that helps them dissolve persistent energy blocks and up-levels their contribution to creating a better world through personal transformation.


The Activation Track of The Emergence Experience offers those of you who are already connected to your Inner Guidance the advanced support you seek. (For those of you just starting out on this multidimensional journey, I invite you to learn more about The Awakening Track). You will shed old identity constructs and activate more of your multidimensional abilities through inner tech transfer.

This 12-month journey goes way beyond conventional coaching programs. It is a 7th dimensional energetic container that offers you profound direct experience. I'm not a guru. My field, however, is the ideal environment in which to permanently and powerfully reconstitute more of your own Multidimensional Self. If the bullet points below resonate for you, read on.

The Emergence Experience will be a good fit for you if you are:

  • Excited by the prospect of helping to usher in a more ENLIGHTENED era on planet Earth by evolving conventional constructs.

  • Know that you're meant to EXPAND into ever greater multidimensional awareness.

  • Ready to RELEASE blocks that are holding you back from stepping onto your most Soul Aligned timeline.

  • Want to ACTIVATE more incredible innate metaphysical abilities in service to the human collective.

  • Excited to reconnect with advanced galactic collectives, your STAR FAMILY and other aspects of your Multidimensional Field.

  • Feel it's time to increase your CONFIDENCE in your multidimensional identity and step out of the spiritual closet.

  • Ready to SURRENDER and TRUST in the unknown path ahead of you.

  • Move past the us/them narrative into an era of UNITY that recognizes the beauty of diversity while maintaining we're all in this together.

  • Crave a commUNITY of like-minded peers to share your work with and to laugh and cry with... a high-vibe group of people who love and support you (and don't think you're crazy!).

You've found your way to a powerful threshold. Will you step across it?


Your ability to meet your greater destiny hinges on being able to get out of your head to embody the greater part of yourself. Easier said than done.


Here are the main impediments to total alignment with your Divine Will and Soul Purpose work:


  • Culturally conditioned distortion in your perception.

  • Negative influences in your auric field that are ready to be released.

  • Ancestral karma (inherited trauma) and past life trauma.

  • Skepticism and not trusting the experiences and information you are already having and receiving. 

  • Fear of ridicule, being wrong or seen as a fraud.

  • Boundary issues; giving your power away to internalized critics and authority figures (family, friends, colleagues).

  • Feeling like you should be able to do all of this on your own, despite being surrounded by people who don't speak the same language, so to speak!


Take my hand. I know just what you're going through, for it's been my own journey. We are Intergalactic Travelers with vast amounts of experience who heeded the call to descend into the 3rd dimensional physical plane to assist the planet and the human collective at this time of ascension and planetary re-evolution.

We're not here to save anything or anyone. We simply heeded the call for help by this planetary system and humanity as they direct their own awakening/remembering (return journey home to Source). We are here to help by showing the way through our own personal transformation. Our individual plasma field of consciousness is the fertile environment in which a New Earth is building itself out.

This can be a lonely road, once you've awakened. But it doesn't have to be. You aren't alone. Far from it. This is a beautiful commUNITY of people from all around the world who are on the same journey of reclamation as you.


I was guided by my Multidimensional Team to create Emergence for people just like you. It's the path I've walked myself, back to home to my Multidimensional Self.

You know that sticking with the status quo isn't going to cut it, especially now. Humanity is the process of collective deconstruction and the emergence of higher dimensional constructs. You have an important role to play. You can feel it.

"As you come into the Age of Light, worlds will open that you never knew existed."


- The Pleiadians


This year-long, small group journey is designed to provide you with a deep dive into a direct experience of multidimensional reality. It offers a powerful container in which to explore a more expansive identity and activate an enhanced set of abilities.


This is not a certification program. Emergence provides a metaphysical intensive experience for those of you who want to evolve into more of your multidimensional embodiment by changing the way you animate your physical form via your own Higher-Self directed activations. You are already qualified for the work that is calling you forward!


​The Activation Track


This 12-month experiential program is for people who are already somewhat literate in multidimensional living. (If you are still new to the multidimensional journey, I invite you to learn more about The Awakening Track instead.)


You already speak with your spirit guides, receive downloads, and actively engage in multidimensional work, perhaps even professionally. You're ready to activate more innate abilities in service to the planet. You aren’t in full alignment with your ever expanding soul contract work and you know it's time to come out of the spiritual closet at the next level. You'd like advanced help and your Inner Guidance referred you to this program.

I'm an experienced Multidimensional Channel and I'm thrilled to make good on my own soul purpose, that of unblocking and activating your innate abilities! I connect across many different dimensions... and am in regular contact with Higher Dimensional Collectives and advanced galactic civilizations.

The program material has been carefully curated by me based on my journey and the channeling and shamanic work I've done with hundreds of clients. The modules include information, guidance and encouragement, but more importantly, guided experiences and activations to facilitate powerful shifts in your experience of being human. Our group calls offer bi-weekly coaching support, as well as guided meditations and real-time activations.


The program is always evolving because my own field is always expanding to the next level of integration/embodiment. You will recognize this shift across the year during our virtual gatherings and your private sessions, which provide direct access to my field and the guidance and support for you as an individual that comes through it. Our commUNITY offers a place to meaningfully connect with and receive support from amazing peers from all over the planet! Ready to join us?

Here's what past participants say they gained as a result of actively participating in The Emergence Experience:

  • TRUST your own information and directives at new levels.

  • The ability to better SURRENDER, knowing that you are being directed by your own Greater Self at all times.

  • Reconnect with your personal power, passion and PURPOSE.

  • Feel more FREE than ever from distortion and density in the collective field.

  • Understand more of what you came here to do and step into bold, ALIGNED action based on that knowing.

  • Activate incredible innate metaphysical abilities and EXPAND back into your Greater I AM.

  • Facilitate profound planetary TRANSFORMATION through your reactivated Multidimensional Identity.

  • Shift your individual embodiment and help to EVOLVE the constructs around you!

"A'sha speaks the language of the soul and helps to spark its unfolding. Her astonishing psychic gifts and her warm presence - wise, attentive, encouraging, funny - have restored confidence in who I am and who I am becoming.  She is not out to seek her own glory, but stands in the middle, strengthening the link between a person and their divine source."

Rachel, LCSW



  • Activation participants receive four quarterly 45-minute private virtual sessions with A'sha (booked in Jan, April, July, October of each year). Recording link included.

  • Approximately 22 Online Virtual Gatherings held twice/month (no calls in August). These online video gatherings offer you and your peers an opportunity to participate in real-time channeled lectures, profound multidimensional healing, pose questions and receive direct support from A'sha (and your Higher Self that works through her).

  • 12 monthly modules developed specifically for Activation, access to all 24 Awakening Modules and a series of bonus meditations and activations. These videos were filmed in natural environments around the world, many of them at sacred sites. You'll notice how the elements interact with us, to help illustrate certain points!

  • Weekly emails designed to support you on your journey, featuring helpful tools, resources and recommended reading.

  • 8 bonus meditations & a complimentary copy of my e-book "How Mommy Got Her Magic Back", which features my personal story of awakening.

  • Private group (hosted in Mighty Networks) for Activation participants only - to share new insights, challenges and love and support one another.


I took A'sha’s course for a year at exactly the right time for me and my ever expanding journey resonating home to this beautiful planet. A'sha is tuned in, on point, and always available in the heart space for all who are ready for rapid ease and spontaneous effortless joy. She’s unfathomably relevant and mind blowing in all that she does here in this realm and others. The search is over. All questions quickly turn to answers in her bubbly space. Thank you!! 



My presence and my life had been forever changed after my year in Activation. Looking back over the past year my personality changed greatly but in a very comfortable and subtle way.  I feel more physically and emotionally present, I have found my voice to speak, and have been able to develop boundaries that I knew I had to work on.  I met wonderful people on the group calls, and it showed me that I am not alone. We are here on purpose and for a purpose, and it was time to grow into my purpose. Thank you, A'sha and your team, and to all the amazing light workers in the program!



Being part of the Emergence Experience was more than I ever expected! I have enjoyed the releasing of old patterns, the rediscovery of my higher self and being part of a like minded community. I look forward to the continued unfolding of the authentic self and the magic and serendipity that presents with it! 



My entire perspective on reality and how I co-create my life experiences by the energy and mindset I bring to everything has completely transformed how I approach life. I also have reconnected to and aligned with my innate soul abilities, including increased confidence in my intuition and healing abilities. I am a truer, more awakened, kinder, and lighter version of myself at the end of this journey.



The Activation Track of The Emergence Experience is a  powerful journey into more of your Greater I AM embodiment. This is a life-changing commitment and a substantial financial investment in your multidimensional self development.  If you feel a strong pull to apply for this program, trust that your Higher Self is guiding you forward.

During the open enrollment period, fill out an application by clicking on the button below. A'sha personally reviews all applications.  If accepted, we will follow up with you within 2-3 business days to begin the enrollment process, which may include a brief informal interview to ensure a good fit.


If you're feeling a strong pull to participate, trust that your inner directive is guiding you to the more expansive and sovereign embodiment you seek.

The application is currently CLOSED. Our next enrollment period will open late December 2022 or early January 2023. The next cohort begins February 2023.

If you have questions, please email Sarah at She is happy to help!

Application Opening Soon...


What is expected of me in this program?

You are expected to "show up", meaning that you actively engage with the program material, including the modules, weekly emails and live calls. It also means that you commit to becoming aware of the choices you're making and are willing to choose differently, for your own higher good.

What is the Cost of the Program?

The cost of the program is available only to serious applicants. Payment in full is due upon enrollment. This includes everything mentioned above, plus the invaluable transformation into the next octave of your embodiment you will enjoy if you engage fully.

Who is not a good fit for The Emergence Experience?

If you're highly skeptical and don't trust your intuition or channeled information, this is not going to be a good fit. Also, if you're not willing to 1) be honest about what you're thinking and feeling, 2) commit to doing the work, and 3) attached to a victim and/or scarcity narrative, this won't be a good place for you to grow. Also, if you tend toward negative comparison and competition, aren't open to further growth, and/or hold an attitude of "I already know that", this won't be the best place for you.

Refund Policy

I believe that you will be very satisfied with this program and can achieve amazing results but I can’t guarantee this because that depends on how you use this information. It is my policy to not offer full refunds for any product or service that I sell, because I stand behind my programs and I know that the information, when used as directed, will generate the intended results.



I have witnessed many amazing stories of spiritual growth and healing, but each person is unique and each person proceeds at their own pace. I offer no guarantees for your results. I hope that through conscious and conscientious application of the information that comes through in your readings you will achieve the life transformation that you desire.


If you have a question that I haven't answered here, please email us at

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